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Adelaide is known to:

  • Rapidly earn respect
  • Focus on adding value through better execution and
  • Expect the highest quality deliverables from herself and others
  • Quickly create warm and strong emotional connections
  • Intuitively understand ideas and feelings of others.
  • Communicate expressively and with humour
  • Inspire people to become involved advocates

Adelaide adds value to work environs because people often recognize her as an achiever and/or expert. She is able to influence people as a result of her setting high expectations and constantly envisioning ways to improve and upgrade herself and others. Adelaide captivates others with her vibrant and attractive style of communication while being approachable and transparent.

Adelaide Fyffe (de Broize) has been an entrepreneur since 1999 and is able to run a business from end to end. Managing small projects (R35 000) to large-scale projects (+R50 000 000) with staff ranging from 5 people to 50.

She has eighteen years consulting and twelve years coaching experience, providing “Institutional Support and Development” (see website) to the Department of Basic Education, the Department of Health, the Black Business Council, National Positions SA and numerous local and international NGOs.

As an Institutional Coach (IC) she is exceptional at working from end to end (strategy development to process design and building the capacity to implement, monitoring and evaluating implementation and performance management).  Her key focus is to ensure sustainability and ongoing growth for her clients.

Adelaide’s’ expertise extends into the areas of Change Management and Transformation – Diversity (Race Work), Organisation Development – Management and Leadership Development – Executive, Management and Team coaching.

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