FAIREXCHANGE is a company that has developed a unique Service Offering to meet the unique challenges of the changing South African business landscape. A landscape is still struggling to level the playing field for all South Africans.

There have been many interventions to assist businesses to deal with:

  • Introducing racial quotas
  • Dealing with prejudice
  • Skills development in the context of different education paradigms eg Bantu education, coloured eduction etc
  • Language diversity

At FAIREXCHANGE we have developed a way to deal with these issues with the aim of improving the service you deliver as a business while managing the ongoing change you experience. Our Institutional Support and Development offers a managed change process with immersed coaching support, skills development and a technology solution that supports, tracks and analyses this process.

Each of these elements are stand alone elements, although the integrated solution offers the most cost effective and sustainable results.

For all the work we highly recommend you take the technology solution and integrate it with your business process solution.


  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing to enquire whether there is any possibility for me to undertake a short period of work experience at Malitaba in late 2016. I am a high-achieving third year undergraduate Economics student at the University of Edinburgh and currently I am undertaking a year of study abroad at the University of Auckland, the application process for which was extremely competitive. At present, I am working on the thesis for my dissertation in development economics, and hope to continue my studies in 2017 by undertaking a Masters in Public Policy at the University of Stanford or a Masters in Development Practice at the University of California, Berkeley, with the ultimate goal of a career in the policy analysis of developing countries. I feel that any work experience that may be available to me would be invaluable to my understanding of the role of the provision of consultancy to the complexities of the implementation of public policy and its effects on economic and social development and would also allow me a short period of living and working in a new continent. I am particularly interested in the economics of climate change and the need for sustainable energy in both the developed and developing world, an interest well-reflected in the A+ grade I achieved in my Environmental Economics course last semester, as well as the 100% I received in my Public Economics policy report (“Should the NZ Government abandon the Emission Trading Scheme?”). I am adaptable, exceptionally hardworking and learn very quickly, and feel I can contribute valuably during any time spent at Malitaba. I can provide letters of recommendation or academic transcripts in support of this enquiry if necessary.

    Yours faithfully,
    Sophie Boote

  2. Dear Malitaba team,
    I hope this email finds you well.

    I was wondering if you could help point me in the right direction. I came across your organisation, and wanted to find out more about you.

    I organise AidEx, the leading event in the humanitarian aid and international development sector. As you specialise in training and education programmes for governmental organisations and NGO’s, I thought you would be interested in getting involved in AidEx.

    It’d be great to have a conversation with the right person, and hear more about the work you do.
    Kind Regards,

  3. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Am the Executive Director Land, Environment and Development Concerns which is a small but growing registered Community Based Organisation with the Jinja District Local Government in the Republic of Uganda E. Africa.

    We are at the fore front of Advocacy/lobbying for Land and property Rights, Agriculture and Food security, Environmental Protection, good governance, planned urban and rural settlements/shelter, Legal Support, Livelihood, Research, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene and humanitarian support programs.

    This is to seek your partnership and guidance on how we can be assisted in order to promote a better future for the rural and urban poor men, youth and women in Africa. The support needed is free technical in nature in issues of designing fundable project proposals, strategic plan 2016-2021, organizational policies like human resource, financial, child protection, volunteers, membership, etc.

    Looking forward to receive your positive response in this regard.

    Yours faithfully,

    Paul Batambuze Wamuka
    Executive Director LEDEC-Uganda
    P.O BOX 580, Jinja, Uganda East Africa
    Tel: +256752936898/+256772166818
    E-mail: OR

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