Show Up

One of my greatest frustrations as a coach, facilitator, mentor, teacher, student  is, people arriving at work, workshops, coaching sessions without SHOWING UP. They have many reasons for this:

  • My boss sent me
  • I don’t need this
  • I’m having a bad day

the list goes on. I’m frustrated because I see people living next to their lives. Their non presence is often a symptom for their non presence in their lives.

I know this because I can often default to this position myself.  My life like yours is filled with adversity and  opportunity. Waking up every morning to  over full to do lists, constant connection with the world on any number of our devices and my ever present self,  can be overwhelming. So overwhelming that I go into “auto-mode”. I do everything, connect with everything and numb myself  with the tasks, the connections, drink, drugs and many more.

Showing up is not only about being on time. Its also about bringing your whole self, participating fully and being open to how you will be changed by the moment. The best modern example I have seen of showing up, is the Haka. Have a look and share what bringing this energy does for you.


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Woman - Mother - Wife - Daughter - Sister - Friend - Business Woman - Facilitator - Counsellor - Coach - Feminist - African
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