I wish is was easier to live everyday without creating regrets.

The difficulty is that in the moment of choice, you have to risk something. Its the very few that live with so much faith that they trust enough to risk whats in front of them.

I have been able to take risks a few times in my life and even though I have no regret, it has not protected me from judgement.

When you take risks please note that others are not out there waiting with a shiny trophy. A lot of the time you will be faced with hurtful judgements.

“You’re reckless”

“You’re irresponsible”

“You don’t know what you’re doing”

“Taking the risk was worthless because what you choose is impossible”

Before taking risks, you need to be ok with the reward being No Regrets. that’s the award. That’s the trophy. NOW CHOOSE.

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Woman - Mother - Wife - Daughter - Sister - Friend - Business Woman - Facilitator - Counsellor - Coach - Feminist - African
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